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We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.

Utilising over 85 years of experience, we design and supply integrated security solutions that address each and every challenge. We understand each sector, industry and client has unique security operational requirements. We can tailor a security design working with you to ensure that the solution is fit for purpose and addresses those unique challenges. We are passionate about what we do and the people we serve.

We work with trusted and approved contractors who are trained by our seasoned professionals, ensuring that our products are installed to the highest level of craftsmanship.


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Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

In June 2020 Binns Fencing were appointed to deliver designs and installation of a new two-layer CPNI Base level perimeter fence.

This included all groundworks to form 7m sterile zone with associated duct routes for separate electronic security system.

Severn Trent Water FST Security Topping

Binns were awarded the replacement of the perimeter fence package at a Severn Trent Site in the United Kingdom. The site was subject to anti-social behaviour and therefore a design was produced in consultation with Severn Trent Water security team to secure the site with the addition of our own anti climb system – Flexible Security Topping (FST®) – to increase protection against climb over attack.  

In addition, there were multiple challenges and key areas of site where unauthorised access was a problem and increased protection was required. 

The site conditions and gradients posed challenges in maintaining the effective height of the fence whilst also avoiding any large steps and the design was produced across the site prior to commencing any works to ensure this would be achieved. This included completing a full level survey and mapping out of the site ahead of commencing works. 

The planning phase of the works was particularly important to ensure there was minimal impact on the site operation. Part of the project includes the replacement of the automated access gate to site. This needed to be replaced and changed over without impacting the access route to site whilst also maintaining the secure perimeter due to anti-social behaviour. 


Binns have been working on the Thames Water physical security framework since 2015, in London - UK. 

As part of the Framework, we have recently completed the upgrade of the perimeter security fencing.  

The design included replacing the existing mesh boundary fences with a new CPNI Enhanced rated fencing and gates. Due to the sites being operational through the project we were required to always maintain a full secure boundary. Each of the sites had their own specific requirements and restrictions which required us to innovate solutions to provide the site with a fully compliant fence without impacting on areas where we could not dig due to underground services.  

CANFEN WOVEN as pictured above was the specified product. Woven from 4mm high tensile wire, CANFEN WOVEN is the first woven fencing system to be certified as “Approved for Government Use”. Featuring apertures of only 17mm x 17mm, it has the ability to self-rake to follow contours of the site. 

The unique raking abilities of the system made it much easier to install on-site. Raking the panels on-site allowed us to eliminate the need for specially fabricated panels and pre-measuring of angles on site which reduced the overall cost for installation and material. 

Severn Trent Water Canfen Super 10

Binns Fencing were awarded the complete security upgrade works across 3 sites on the Severn Trent estate directly with Severn Trent. This followed an extended period of engagement with the client to establish their requirements and desired outcome from the site both from a security perspective and operational through engagement with the local site teams. 

These works were to be completed concurrently and required the design and replacement of the complete perimeter security solutions of the sites including: 

  • Complete replacement of perimeter fence line for each site 

  • Installation of new access gate for pedestrians and vehicles 

  • Clearance of vegetation where applicable 

  • Installation of full perimeter PID systems 

  • Installation of CCVT for visual verification and monitoring 

  • Upgrade and testing of IDS systems on site 

  • Integration and full testing of the complete security system back to a central alarm receiving centre. 

The final specification included installation of different fencing specification and types at each of the sites based on the clients’ operational requirements. This included SR2 and SR3 rated fences with associated gate and also included the reutilisation of some materials in order to offer improved efficiency and cost savings on the project.

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