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Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Project, UK


In June 2020 Binns Fencing were appointed to deliver designs and installation of a new two-layer CPNI Base level perimeter fence
 including all groundworks to form 7m sterile zone with associated duct routes for separate electronic security system.

The works required a coordinated approach to the works ensuring that the works were sequenced to aid site access and minimize the H&S risks on the project. A detailed construction plan and methodology was agreed with the client in the early stages of the project to ensure this was achieved.

There was a requirement to maintain a secure perimeter throughout the works and this was completed by sequencing our works efficiently and ensuring areas could be completed before moving on to the next phases.

The remote nature of the sites presented logistical challenges but due to our effective advance planning, the works progressed as planned and works were completed as per programme, and quality of the finished installation fully in line to meet the client’s high security needs and quality expectations.




Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, LOCATION

Completion Year

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

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