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As a growing family business, who are engaged with the manufacturing and installations of security products, Binns Canada have a perfect opportunity to make sure our operations consider the environment every step of the way.

We are aiming to create a long term environmentally sustainable business!


Climate Change

Climate change is a challenge we all need to face into and play our part. We are looking at ways we can do our bit by transitioning to renewable energy across our operations.


Carbon Emissions

At Binns Canada we have set out a clear target to develop a pathway to take us and our supply chain to zero emissions in our operations by 2035.


Waste Management

Binns Canada aim to deliver a zero waste economy by reusing, recycling or removing waste. We continual strive to improvement our environmental performance and aim to exceed all relevant environmental standards.


Community Impact

At Binns Canada, community impact is paramount. We actively engage in initiatives that uplift and support local communities, fostering positive change.

We work with our partners, suppliers and communities to ensure we leave a positive impact wherever we are working.

Our Promise



We pledge to always put the community first. That means being leaders in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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